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Main Street Alpha 2021.02.20 - Patch Notes

Sonic has written some great details and shared screen shots from our latest Valentine's Day update for Main Street which you can check out here!

Allow me to steal some of her screen shots to keep your interest as I share the patch notes for the update!


  • Added new Valentine's Day decorations

  • Added new Valentine's Day heart fruit trees

  • Added new Valentine's Day heart fruit item

  • Added new Valentine's Day achievements

  • Added new patreon wall art/paintings

  • Added a bunch of new wall decorations including framed pictures, paintings, windows, lamps, etc.

  • Decorated the town for Valentine's Day

  • Added the "Merge Rug"


  • Added the ability to decorate the walls with windows, posters, paintings, etc.

  • Updated the building system to use point and click building

  • Made it so you can build floors underneath things

  • Added a build preview so you can see where something will be placed and what it will look like

  • Added sound effects for building

  • Added sound effects for trying to build where you can't

  • Added generic "holiday trees" that will be replaced automatically when a supported holiday is set on the server


  • Cleaned up some brick wall sprites that had some stray pixels

  • Compressed all sound files significantly to cut down on resources/bandwidth for server and clients

  • Updated how we draw player's name plates so it is more crisp visually

  • Miscellaneous server performance improvements

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where one of the songs in the list wouldn't play

  • Fixed issue where the click sound effect wasn't playing when clicking on interface buttons

  • Fixed issue where Tycoon and Monopolist were reversed in order for patreon tiers in game



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