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Main Street Alpha 2021.10.27 - Patch Notes

As you may know from the recent announcement, Main Street got a new map and the Fall/Halloween event is here!

However, that announcement left out some of the juicy details that are more suitable for patch notes, so here goes.


  • Added a minimap with an indicator for where you are in the world

  • Made a brand new map over 20 times the size of the last one with more than 40 player shops

  • Added NPC vendors with shops that you can buy and sell items from

  • Removed the old build panel and made it so you can buy shop shelves and decorations from vendors and build them from your inventory

  • Made fruit, flower, fish vendors, etc. that have fluctuating prices based on how much stuff people have sold to them

  • You can now pick up shelves and decorations and set them back down wherever you want

  • Added new floor and wall paint items for better immersion when customizing your store

  • Added new holiday vendor stall with a selection of items that changes with the seasons

  • Added the ability to rotate certain shop decorations like chairs through the right click menu


  • Made UI interfaces scalable and position-able

  • Made text boxes for chat and notifications wider for aesthetic reasons

  • Updated icons and UI for aesthetic reasons

  • Added tool tips for many UI elements to reduce clutter/visual information overload

  • Removed the shop theme restrictions; now you can mix and match shop shelves

  • Added loads more Halloween decorations to the holiday vendor's shop

  • Made it so items aren't destroyed when you pick them up with no room; the action is cancelled instead

  • Added a welcome message with a link to the wiki

  • Made it so you must be standing close to a gatherable item to collect it

  • Balancing tweaks for the new map; item prices and other settings have been adjusted

  • Exposed information like estimated profit per minute and much more to tool tips for shop shelves

Bug Fixes

  • It's been a while since we've had an update, so there's really too many bug fixes to detail, but trust me, it's a good improvement. 🎉


Want to try it? You can play Main Street here. You can also join our Discord community!



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