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Main Street Sports a New Map In Time For Halloween!

Main Street is getting a serious update!

Sonic and I have really appreciated all the time and attention people have given to our project, and after several months of rigorous testing and lots of updates, we decided it was time to hunker down and work on some things that might take some time. We've been working through the Summer and Fall to bring a brand new map that should be able to handle 40+ players per server, which is more of a balancing consideration than a performance concern.

The new map is absolutely massive! You could easily get lost in it... and so we have a minimap with an indicator for where you are in the world that comes with it!

It has over 40 rentable player shops, and plenty of room to add more in all shapes, sizes, and locations (some exotic and remote 👀).



In addition to the new map, we have added non player character vendors to the world! They buy and sell shop decorations, shop shelves, fish, flowers, fruit, you name it!

Building Changes

The old structures menu is gone, as you can now browse vendor shops with tool tips detailing everything you want to know about an item, then you can place it in your store right from your inventory.

Gathering Changes

Where you used to have sell buttons right in your inventory and all items would sell at fixed prices from anywhere in the world, you'll now find an ever changing market!

There are now vendors that buy and sell fish, flowers, and fruit, and their prices will change as people sell more or buy more of certain things.

In addition, you need to stand somewhat close to something to gather it now, whereas before you could get things anywhere in your field of view which sort of broke some of the immersion.



Halloween is also around the corner, so we're switching on the fall foliage throughout the game along with a limited time holiday vendor who will buy and sell pumpkins which you can find all over the map! Be on the look out for hidden troves of lots of pumpkins.

Holly (the holiday vendor) will also sell all sorts of holiday decorations you can use in your store. You'll have to prove yourself to her by bringing her lots of pumpkins though. The more you bring, the more decorations you can get.


Play Testing

We want to invite everyone to public alpha testing with fancy announcements soon, but Sonic and I don't feel like we're quite there yet with the announcements or trying to make it known.

However, if you're reading this, then you are invited to join our alpha testing crew! No need to apply. You can play the game here, and invite your friends too. For feedback, suggestions, or get connected with the developers or other players, you can also join our discord server.



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