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Out of memory... imprisoned... help Glitcheon escape from a virtual prison and unearth many secrets.


This metroidvania style game is the result of a game jam, where the theme was "intentional bugs." We have woven "bugs" into every part of the world and the characters in it in some surprising and entertaining ways.

Originally made in 3 days, River, Yän, Bonicle have continued development and are working towards a full length commercial release.



Patreon is where you can go to see unity tutorials, speed painting videos, read exclusive blogs, and so on, all related to our work on Glitcheon!

We're really excited about how far Glitcheon is coming and want to bring it to you and the metroidvania community at large as a full length commercial project. You can help us by supporting us on Patreon!


Twitter is where we share lots of screenshots and quick tidbits about the game; you can interact with us and our growing community there. It's also the best place to get quick bite size news bits about the game throughout the week.


Discord is where you can become in instant part of our community, learn tons about the game, and it's also the best place to get important news like when we announce the games release date and so on.


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