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Enter the small town of Main Street and work together alongside a small community of players to improve your town.


Choose your business type, hire friends, compete against local shops, decorate your shop, explore various town activities, and become the ultimate shop tycoon!


Created as a passion project by River Forge and Sonic with the Vylocity game engine, Main Street is an online multiplayer tycoon game that is free to play for everyone.

Out of memory... imprisoned... help Glitcheon escape from a virtual prison and unearth many secrets.


This metroidvania style game is the result of a game jam, where the theme was "intentional bugs." We have woven "bugs" into every part of the world and the characters in it in some surprising and entertaining ways.

Originally made in 3 days, River, Yän, and Bonicle have continued development and are working towards a full length commercial release.

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