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Upcoming October Main Street Update

October is here and with it are exciting new Main Street changes!

Walking around Main Street will feel very different this October because River and I have taken the time to rework all of the fruit trees, berry bushes, flower bushes, lamp posts, and other miscellaneous map decorations with fall-themed re-skins!

As you can see in the picture above, the old trees and bushes (left side) will change to look like the right side later this month!

Believe it or not, doing this was actually a really time-consuming process because when we first made Main Street's Fruit Trees, Berry Bushes, and Flower Bushes all of the fruit, berries, and flowers were connected to the trees.

So I've spent a good chunk of time separating every single one of them so we can now reskin the tree underneath and bring you all kinds of seasonal tree variations in the future. And River has done a lot of data entry adding these new variations to the game with spawn commands.

But we both wanted to make this a feature because we felt that this would make seasons much more immersive and it was well worth the effort. We hope you like the visual changes. :)

This October, a big new feature we're adding is gatherable pumpkins!

These will spawn around the map (as seen in the image above) and picking them will allow you to exchange them with an NPC for special holiday-themed decor and outfits!

Our Patreons have been voting for what Halloween items they'd like to see most, and this is what they decided:

  1. Halloween Costumes

  2. Exclusive Patreon Only Content

  3. Halloween Themed Interior & Exterior Decore

So I've been making a bunch of Halloween Costumes, Awesome Patreon Only Stuff (seriously, you'll want to become a Patron after seeing all the cool things they're gonna be able to earn this October), and Interior & Exterior Decore!

Tomorrow, the Patrons will get their last look at all of the brand new furniture content, and then once we get closer to the next alpha test date I'll share it on here for everyone to see!

But, for now, we've teased a few things on social media, starting with the new walls, floors, and doors. I'll show those teasers here for those of you who haven't seen them:

We've also teased the upcoming Ghost costume (Patreon only), the scarecrow (an exterior decoration), and the full-body skeleton costume (Patreon only):

And, of course, some alternative hues of trees and flowers just to give more of a well-rounded fall vibe:

Hope you all are as excited about the new holiday content as we are!

We've worked super hard on this update and still have much more work to do before it's ready (we will likely do it in a series of two updates throughout this October depending on how progress goes, as River has a lot of big new features he needs to implement to get all of this working in-game).

We can't wait to share more of the content with you all once the next alpha date gets closer, including all of the upcoming brand new furniture! :)

- Sonic (Dev & Lead Artist) -

(P.S. If you'd like to help support Main Street's game development while also unlocking cool Patreon only decore and cosmetics, click here!)



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