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New Release: Don't Get The Job

This weekend I worked with Yän and Bonicle on a game jam for the Wowie Jam 3. The theme was "Failure is Progress: Let's mess with the concepts of winning and losing"

We were busy Friday morning when the theme was announced, but Friday evening we met and spent a good hour coming up with an idea that was both easy, fun, and didn't fall apart after asking some hard questions about the implementation.

The idea we landed on was a game about a job interview where you are supposed to NOT get the job but the people you interview with are super nice and "have heard great things" about you already so they want to give you the job already.

Because we wanted to keep this in the same universe as our other game Glitcheon, we decided to make this a job interview at The Forum, which is a major corporation we reference heavily in that game.

We made it in 3D with some hand drawn 2D sprites as well. Slapped on some toon shaders, made an original sound track, lots of new sound effects, a bunch of fancy code magic, and uh, we wound up with this.

It's wacky, it's funny, and it's a pretty short experience too.

Don't worry too much about winning or losing, just have fun.

You can play it here.



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