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Main Street Update - Crisper Visuals & New User Interface Options

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

We just finished another alpha test on Main Street! This test brought some much needed User Interface improvements, bug fixes, and visual cleanup! Patch Notes (with pictures) are below!

Main Street is a game where you can build and run a store with friends in a fictional town. Your friends and other players in the game can build shops of any theme nearby your store and open competing stores!

Alpha #4 Patch Notes:

1. Replaced Brick Door Art

2. Replaced Grass Tile Art

3. Changed Settings So All Art Is Higher Quality/More Crisp

4. Centered player nameplates

5. Increased height of the notifications panel, decreased height of the structures panel, rearranged interface

6. Fixed bug where manually selling a shelf before selling a shop results in your money being set to null when selling the shop

7. Added labels for the menu buttons (Toggle Notification Box UI on/off icon, Toggle Chat Box on/off icon, and Toggle Build Box on/off icon)

8. Chat Box, Notification Box, and Build Box UI can be toggled on/off for screen space

9. Added the Outdoor Center and Playground areas

Also, a big thank you to SlighlyOffTopic on YouTube for taking the time to do the first stream ever of Main Street! Please take a moment to check out the video and give him a follow!



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