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Don't Get The Job - Content Update

Hey there!

It's been about a month since we finished Don't Get The Job for the Wowie Jam 3 in just 2.5 days!

Since then we've gotten a lot of feedback through reviews, YouTube videos, and over a hundred comments. We have no idea what we did to merit such a big response, but we're honored by the recognition and wanted to take some time to address your concerns and some things we wanted to do but didn't have time for during the jam.

Among the wonderful encouragement were some common concerns such as:

  • It feels a little long

  • Sometimes it is hard to tell how well I am doing

  • Why is Greg so hard

We chose to address all of this in some way, and add a little extra stuff of our own, including new jokes, faces, and more!

Change log

  • Everyone greets you in their own ways at the start of each interview

  • Interviewers will say different things at the end of their interview depending on how well you did

  • Interviewers' faces & voices change when asking questions based on how much they like / dislike you

  • Added 12 new questions which can only be asked by specific interviewers

  • Reduced the number of questions asked per interview from 12 to 8

  • Questions won't appear more than once per play session

  • You can now flirt with Greg

  • Added potato

  • Sped up Transitions between interviews

  • Fixed rendering issue with the end of game user interface

  • Fixed the "Play Again" button when you win

P. S. If you haven't tried GETTING the job, you're missing out on stuff like this

1 comment

1 Comment

The HeadQuarters
The HeadQuarters
Apr 06, 2021

What potato?🥔

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