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Inside Vylocity: #1: The First One

Hello and welcome to another (the first) episode (article) of Inside Vylocity (that one is actually correct).

This series (loosely associated collection of text and graphical updates) will focus primarily on Vylocity development. No, I'm not really talking about the development of the game engine, but rather, development of games using it (although I will talk about game engine updates from time to time).

In no particular order, I will now provide updates from the month of February, 2021.


Vylocity Game Engine

There's a lot of updates from the Vylocity game engine this month. If you want all the details you can join the discord here. Most notably, however...

1. The engine is now royalty free!

2. The map editor now has loads of new features including a search bar and random placement/random state options for building out large maps with natural/pseudorandom features.

3. There are now customizable themes for the code view.



RoomyRooms has been doing loads of awesome work on their game Verdict. In addition to adding these cool birds which are particles that can be spawned anywhere and handle animation and movement independently, they have also been working on things like colorable Spine2D bones, new settings windows, and more. Check out their twitter for way more updates than I can fit into this blog post.


Land of Fire One of the things Arkise has been working on is a feature rich admin console which includes the ability to spawn custom NPCs with complex behaviors and settings for use in special hosted events and who knows what else. If you're interested, head over to twitter and give Arkise a follow too. Maybe tell them to tweet more updates while you're at it.


Main Street This is one of my own personal game projects that I work on with Sonic!

This month was our Valentine's Day update which you can check out.

In addition to this, I also added a minimap, new player nameplates, and draggable/scalable UI functionality (and more) this month. The best way to stay up to date on this stuff is to join the Main Street Discord where you can get connected with our community, ask questions, and learn about playtesting opportunities.


The Phantom of the Future This project is one I haven't heard much about yet. It's made by Index from the Vylocity discord. They have clearly been hard at work and presented this awesome log in screen and various other UI elements this past month. Looking forward to seeing more!


Teridal Veek has added some nice spell cool down animations to Teridal. This is a quite robust RPG with an active discord community and can be played in browser today.

Check the game out here.


Other Projects

On the left are images that Konlet and George Bailey have shared respectively, in relation to unspecified projects.


If you're interested in these projects and want to learn more about Vylocity, you can check out my introductory blog post on it here.


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