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Halloween Comes To Main Street

There is SO much new stuff here for this October update and we hope you all love it!

(An image of the new fall trees, bushes, flowers, and grass)

Our next alpha test starts today around noon EST and it's time to share the big barrage of new Halloween content! As you can see in the image above, it's a LOT.

It took me ages to create all of the furniture sets for this month (the number of animations and furniture rotations were outrageous, too) but it was well worth it and I'm SO excited to see all of this new stuff in the game!

Keep in mind some of this new content is Patreon exclusive, meaning that only our supporters can unlock those cosmetics (and they absolutely deserve it, too - we haven't done enough yet to give them a big thank you for helping support us and make this game possible, so we hope they really love showing off all of their new unlockable furniture and cosmetics)!

(A screenshot of River wearing a skeleton costume and running a shop with Halloween decor)

Before we get started, an update on how all of this new content will work:

Pumpkin patches will be scattered around the map. Gathering enough of these pumpkins will reward you with achievements. These achievements will allow you to use a specific number of Halloween decorations at a time in your store.

For instance, collecting 10 pumpkins will allow you to place 1 item of Halloween furniture in your store. Collecting 50 pumpkins will let you place 2 Halloween items in your shop.

These achievements will be permanent until next year's Halloween event, meaning that everything you earn during this event will be usable up to the amount you earned all the way until this time next year! So, earn all of the pumpkins you possibly can during October's alpha tests and show off your limited-time rewards for many months to come!

Next year, we will likely add more ways to earn pumpkins than just gathering, but for this year we're going to keep it simple. We hope you enjoy the new additions!

(An example of gathering pumpkins and unlocking in-game achievements)

Now, let's talk about the costumes. In the above image, you'll notice the following new outfits:

- Imp Horns & Imp Tail (This is unlockable for free players and you can choose if you want to equip only the horns, only the tail, or both!)

- Witch Hat (This is unlockable for free players and I went through the entire painstaking process of making so all of the hairstyles in the game show beneath the hat because, as a female player, I hate it when wearing a hat forces you to become bald beneath it, lol).

- Skeleton Costume (This is a full-body costume. There is also a helmet/mask only version unlockable for free players!)

- Ghost Costume (This is a full-body AND animated costume. It is a Patreon exclusive.)

(Examples of the upcoming Halloween costumes & new decor)

Now that costumes are introduced and you know which ones are free and which are Patreon exclusives, let's show off the furniture.

We've been steadily teasing all of this awesome new content on our Twitter and Reddit, but if you haven't checked it out there yet, here it is:

(Images of all of the new Halloween furniture decorations coming to Main Street! I have no idea why the pumpkin beds photo is blurry when the others aren't.)

Here's a comprehensive list of all the new furniture:

- Vampire Candle Stands (Short, Medium, and Tall)

- Vampire Vanity (will function like the wardrobe for changing your appearance)

- Pumpkin Wall Garland (a wall-mounted decoration)

- Pumpkin Stands (Short and Tall)

- Pumpkins & Pumpkin Stacks (useable as interior or exterior decorations)

- Pumpkin Doormats (Small and Large)

- Pumpkin Loveseat, Couch, and Armchair (2 color styles that rotate all directions)

- Vampire Loveseat, Couch, and Armchair (2 color styles that rotate all directions)

- Pumpkin Single & Double Beds (rotate all directions)

- Vampire Single & Double Coffin Beds (rotate all directions with closed, half-open, and fully open icon states)

- Scarecrow (exterior decoration)

- Flower pots (interior decoration, two color options, can be placed on tables)

- Vampire Wall Mounted Flowers

- Vampire Wall Mounted Chandelier

- Vampire Wall Mounted Lamps

- Vampire Framed Pictures (Candle, Flower, and Cross)

- Pumpkin Wall Mounted Tiny Pumpkin

- Pumpkin Framed Picture

- Pumpkin Poster

(Keep in mind, while most of this furniture will be added in today's alpha test, the wall-mounted furniture will only be available in our alpha test around the weekend of October 31st. It is still earnable during this alpha test, but we need to add a new building feature to the game before we're able to let everyone place the wall-mounted decor inside stores!)

The Pumpkin Furniture Set will be available to all free to play players, while the Vampire Furniture Set will be exclusive to our supporters on Patreon.

If you would like to become a Patreon supporter and have the opportunity to unlock the cool new Halloween items for yourself, please click here! We would love your support in helping us make Main Street everything we'd love it to be!

- Sonic (Dev & Lead Artist) -

(P.S. If you'd like to stay up to date with our new art content, alpha tests, and Patreon posts, follow my Twitter by clicking here or join our subreddit!

If you want to watch streams of Main Street my co-dev, River, follow his Twitch or follow his Twitter to see his stream times here.

To join the Main Street community and come chat with us and other players, join our Discord here!)



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