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Awesome New Main Street Closed Alpha Content: New Shop Theme, Decor, And A Leaderboard!

We're so excited for all of you to join us for our 06/13/2020 Main Street Closed Alpha Test! We have some super cool new features to introduce to you all, so I'm just going to briefly familiarize you with them!

We have a new store theme ready for everyone to play this alpha! You've seen our Bakery, Taco Shop, Pet Store, and Wedding Boutique so far but we've been wanting to create a new shop type for you all to play for a while now.

We had a Patreon poll a few weeks back with some suggestions for what our next store theme should be, and our Patrons answered: they wanted a Cafe!

So we've been hard at work these past weeks on creating this brand new Cafe for you all and we're hyped to get to introduce it to you during this patch!

To start a cafe of your own, simply collect enough fruit to afford purchase of a store, click the "Buy Shop" button on the right side of the screen, and select "Cafe" from the drop down menu.

The Cafe's "fancy"/upgraded shelves are complete, too. Right click one of your Cafe shelves and click the Upgrade button to bring them to their final form!

(Just a heads up: The Cafe is one of our "Premium Shop Themes" and it will not be a free theme forever. Enjoy it for free while you can during this alpha test and if you enjoy it, please consider becoming a Patron or purchasing a Premium Play Subscription when Main Street eventually exits alpha testing and goes live! As a server based multiplayer game, we do need a certain amount of funds to keep our servers going when we go live, and this is going to be one of the ways we hope to achieve that! Thank you all for your understanding and support!)

We also have a brand new type of decoration for your store: Potted Plants!

Available in a variety of colors to match whatever color theme you're working with, these new decorative plants will spice up any shop and give a good popularity boost, too!

To add a potted plant to your store, purchase a shop of any theme and click "Interior Decore" in the build menu on the left side of the screen. From there you can click "Potted Plants" and it'll give you a variety of plant types and colors to choose from!

We look forward to seeing how you decorate with them!

Another one of our super exciting new updates is The Leaderboard!

We know you all have been wanting a way to see each others shop scores and compete to see who has the store with the most popularity! And now you can. We've raised the popularity cap and we'd like to see which one of you can get to the highest popularity during this alpha play session!

This is a big step in our progress toward creating goals for players (since we know you've been asking for those). We have lots of plans to add more goals and various facets of the leaderboard in the future, and we hope you are as hyped as we are about those future additions!

To access the Leaderboard, click on the "Leaderboard" button at the bottom right hand side of the screen (shown in the image above in the red colored box). The Leaderboard updates every 10 seconds and sorts by players with the most popularity.

Thank you to everyone who is coming to play our alpha test today! We look forward to hearing your feedback on the game and we hope you all enjoy the new content we've been working so hard on implementing!



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