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Apply To Join Our Closed Alpha!

We are now accepting applications for players to join our closed alpha tests!

Main Street is currently in the alpha stages of development. We're excited to share it with you early and often, and do so through our closed alpha tests; we do limited capacity alpha tests every other weekend where you can try out the game and the new content that has been implemented in that period.

Here's how it works: Each alpha session will have its own application form that you can fill out if you're interested in playtesting at that time, so if there isn't enough space for you to get into the first test you are welcome to apply to the next alpha! If you are invited to an alpha, you will gain temporary access to a special channel on this Discord server that includes a link where you'll be able to play in your browser without having to download something in advance. If you are supporting us on Patreon with the $5 or higher tier, you do not need to fill out this form. Everyone donating $5 or more will receive prioritized access to our alpha tests; if you are one of our $20 or more Patrons you will have a spot reserved for you in every alpha test. (I will post more about the Patreon very soon!) Keep in mind that these tests are VERY early alpha and are lacking many features that we would like to include in the base game. If there is not enough content in this current test to keep you intrigued, please consider waiting a few months and testing out Main Street again! Also please be aware that art assets, UI components, map/shop layouts, and balancing aspects are subject to change as the game progresses.

We look forward to sharing Main Street with you!

Next alpha test date: 12:00 PM EST April 18, 2020



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