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Third Party Games

These are games from other developers that are really cool and let me share their content here on this site.

Sit down and strap in for some of the most intense waiting you'll ever experience. You'll wait for big fish, small fish, ghost tugs, and even the occasional rubber tire.

Wall Clip

Wallclip is a difficult fast-paced single-button platforming game where you have to reach the end of a long level which opens-up with time.

Enter the Glitch

Try to fix your spacecraft to save you from an Asteroid!

Helicopter Game

Try to avoid obstacles for as long as you can while you fly through an infinite randomly generated world. Accelerate your helicopter by clicking the left mouse button or pressing the screen on mobile.


Rayifox is a little electric fox that was captured by bad robots. Your mission: escape and rescue your family.

Mine Rails Rush

Guide the carts that come from the mine, across the railroad, make all the rail changes to safely take the minerals to their respective factories.

Unfinished Game

Unfinished game is a little casual game with a short story and a speedrun mode which you can play infinite times to complete the 10 stages as fast as possible!

Outer Bounds

Push yourself out of solids by disabling and enabling collisions.

The Winter Games: Skiing

How good are you at skiing? Dodge obstacles to see how far you can get down the mountain.


How long will you survive? Face the asteroids and break them with your laser or special weapons. Gain as much points as possible, your best score will be submitted!

Bitcoin Wallet Simulator

Ever wanted your own bitcoin wallet but didn't actually want to buy any bitcoin?

Soccer Snakes

Unleash the beasts! Snakes are battling it out in their own World Cup Tournament.

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