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Bitcoin Wallet Simulator

Bitcoin wallet simulator allows you to try your hand at mining and upgrading your mining gear to increase your earning power in the simulation software, to show you just how easy it is to go from zero to a bitcoin billionaire! Cash your virtual bitcoin into your very own virtual bank account against the real simulated bitcoin market (if that even is a thing?). Bitcoin miners also are entered into the lottery automatically and win every so often. With an option to gamble to either double your reward or lose it. All good things come at a price. Hackers are also continuously using the bitcoin network to steel what they can while your earning in the network. You can stop the hackers by purchasing additional protection. It lasts 60 seconds and costs 20% of your current bitcoin balance. See how much you can earn from your "not so real" bitcoin mining operation!

Ever wanted your own bitcoin wallet but didn't actually want to buy any bitcoin?

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