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Wall Clip

To make this easier, you are able to smash through certain walls by building up enough speed to clip through them, while being careful not to accidently fall into bottomless pits or touch lava. Dying doesn't reset the level giving you more space to accelerate. Your movement speed increases automatically, but hitting a wall or jumping gives you a small speedboost. I got my inspiration from the speedrunning scenes of games like Super Mario 64 where buiding up speed to glitch through walls are often used to skip large parts of a game. The movement mechanics were directly inspired by the Blue Shell Item from the Nintendo DS game New Super Mario Bros. ‎ ‎‎‎This game is also compatible and optimized for mobile devices! ‎‎ This game was made in a timespan of 48 hours in Construct 2 for the Wowie Game Jam. All Assets and Code was made by me during the jam. Feedback and Encouragement would be greatly appreciated!

Wallclip is a difficult fast-paced single-button platforming game where you have to reach the end of a long level which opens-up with time.

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