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Main Street Feature Update - Hiring Your Friends!

In addition to four shop themes, tonight's alpha test solidified a brand new feature that brings Main Street to life: co-operative play!

Main Street is a game where you can build and run a store with friends in a fictional town. Your friends and other players in the game can build shops of any theme nearby your store and even open competing stores! Tonight River made it possible for your friends and other players to hire or be employed by you!

Here's how it works:

- If you own a shop, you can hire a worker. Is your massive guinea pig empire getting out of control as your pets fly off the shelves faster than you can restock them? Don't worry - now you can hire a friend (or complete stranger...if you trust them) to restock your shelves for you.

- Set a custom wage for that worker (between $10 and $450 - you can readjust it at any time). Note: If you can no longer afford to pay that wage your worker, they will get a notification and will typically quit their job when they realize you're swindling them!

- Work as an employee at someone's shop. Is your taco store not selling out as quickly as anticipated? Are you struggling to pay your own rent? Or maybe you just don't feel like running your own store on a competitive market and feel like relaxing by helping someone else's store grow. Either way, working at a shop on Main Street might be a good fit for you!

- Quit your job or fire your employees. Is your boss overworking you? Is your employee slacking? Does Taco Tycoon down the street have better pay? Quitting and firing employees is a cinch!

- Employees can only work at one location, while businesses can hire as many employees as they can afford.

We had a blast alpha testing this feature tonight and it works excellently!

Below are some pics of the play session!

- Sonic (Lead Artist & Project Consultant for Main Street) -

(More updates on my Twitter @Sonics_Art and Instagram @Sonics_Art_)



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