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Introduction To Glitcheon

Updated: May 3, 2020

"You awake in a strange place as a forum avatar trapped inside a robo-screen. Escape the digital cyber prison you're in by hacking bugs and glitches into the simulation."

Glitcheon is a glitchtastic metroidvania adventure platformer game created for the Wowie Jam 2.0 by Yän, River Forge, Bonicle, and Project-Owl. After completing the game jam demo, Yän, River Forge, and Bonicle are moving forward with expanding Glitcheon into a fleshed out purchasable game. A playable demo is currently available at:

Our Glitcheon team is River, Yän and Bonicle, three passionate game makers setting out to create a Metroidvania where exploits, bugs, and glitches are an intentional part of the gameplay, story, and aesthetic style. Glitcheon had its origins as an entry to Jonas Tyroller's Wowie Game Jam 2.0. We had never met each other but quickly became friends as we decided to make a little game together within three days for the wowie jam.

We soon made the crazy choice to put together a little Metroidvania where each ability you would gain would add intentionally broken mechanics and mess up the state of the game world.

As we presented our result of these intense days and nights, we were pleasantly surprised by the amount of people who played and loved our silly little game and thought: "Hey, maybe there is something more here. Let's keep going!"

Since then, we have continuously been working to polish our jam entry turning it into a whole different experience.

Our goal is to make a kickass free web-version of the game and then keep working on a fully fledged commercial release with more abilities, more levels, a more open level layout to explore and a full story to discover.

If that sounds as cool to you as it sounds to us, we'd be extremely grateful for your support in this endeavor.

Join our Discord:

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