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Inside Vylocity #2: The Second One

Hello and welcome to another release of Inside Vylocity.

This series of blog posts focuses primarily on development of games using the Vylocity game engine which is currently in early access.

In no particular order, I will now provide updates from the month of March, 2021.


Vylocity Game Engine

Vylocity is a free tool, but it takes a lot of time and money to maintain and improve it.

You can support the creator and in turn all games being made with it on Patreon here.


Verdict, by RoomyRooms

Roomy has shared a lot this month regarding Verdict progress! Among the improvements are improved shop interfaces, new spell animations, and some really awesome new map areas.


Sliders, by Voltage Games

Voltage is continuing (not that they stopped) Sliders development. Recent changes include characters greeting or even taunting the player, a settings menu that looks like a smart phone, and more.


Teridal, by Iccusion

Iccusion has been working on various content updates for Teridal which is currently playable on the Vylocity website. These updates include hair dyes for premium users and the ability to dig/create paths in player owned plots/around houses.


Uknown Project, by Index

Index, a frequent user in the Vylocity discord, has share some video of this really cool project they have been tinkering with. No title or details as of yet, but it looks like it could turn out to be a really cool adventure game.


Main Street, by River Forge Games

I have been hard at work on a big feature update for Main Street which will totally transform the way the game is played.

In an effort to rope in more RPG elements, reduce UI clutter, and make the town feel more lively/important, we're adding NPC shops and vendors and making building work from the inventory instead of a generic menu.


If you're interested in these projects and/or want to learn more about Vylocity, you can check out my introductory blog post on it here.



The HeadQuarters
The HeadQuarters
Apr 06, 2021

Cool liked the projects will try to play if I can.

The HeadQuarters
The HeadQuarters
Apr 09, 2021
Replying to

Thanks River for liking my post for that you get 1 gold star

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