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3 Discord Servers For Game Developers In 2019

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

Four out of three people reading this know that I make games.

One out of two don't know that three out of four haven't realized how long I've been doing it.

Anecdote With Bullet Points

If you're anything like me or want to be anything like me, you may be interested in chatting with people online who share your interests.

Discord is a free software you can download or use in your internet browser.

I use it to talk to other people about cool things like...

  • making games

  • playing games

  • new indie games

  • watching people play games

Why You Should Care

There are some amazing communities out there where you can learn how to develop and design games and get instant feedback on your projects and ideas.

If you're not into making games yourself but you just like to follow new games and talk directly with their developers, these servers may interest you too as they are full of people who want you to follow and eventually play/purchase their games.


Finally, the List

"This server aims to bring together game dev enthusiasts in a concentrated environment.

Ask questions, discover new projects or get feedback on your progress. "

This server doesn't have a welcome message I can quote to convince you to go there, but they have thousands of active users at the time of my writing interested in programming, art, and design in numerous game making engines including Unity, Unreal, and others.

This server is all about encouraging game makers to keep working and complete their projects. As 42% of you likely know, some large portion (most) of indie games never get finished. If you want to finish your project and/or encourage others to do the same, you'll love how positive this very active community is.

1 comment

1 Comment

River Forge
River Forge
Nov 22, 2019

P.S. You can join River Forge Games discord server too! It's a work in progress, but I'd love to chat with you there.

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