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What kind of game is Main Street?


Main Street is a multiplayer RPG tycoon game for PC.

Can I play Main Street for free?


Yes, Main Street is free to play for everyone!

Since Main Street is a free to play game, will there be any hidden microtransactions?


No, there will not. However, if a lot of people enjoy playing Main Street we may introduce optional paid expansion pack DLC. We also welcome Patreon supporters of any amount to help us prolong Main Street's longevity!

What can you do in Main Street?

One of the most fun things you can do in Main Street is start your own business! 

You can name your shop, choose your shop type, and unlock more shop types as you play. You can also be creative with your store - choose what items you stock, decorate the outside of your store with signs and bushes that raise your shop's popularity, change your walls/wallpaper/flooring, and furnish the inside of your store with a variety of decorations. You can also work for other players and hire/fire/give raises to players and NPCs. 

Alongside running your business, you can also gather flowers and fruits, go fishing (coming very soon), and do a variety of other leisure activities. We hope to add even more fun features throughout development!

Will Main Street be coming to other platforms in the future?

For now, Main Street is only available on PC. However, we hope to bring Main Street to iOS and Android in the future!

Can Main Street be played with a controller?

As of right now - no. In the future - maybe.

Can I monetize videos of Main Street?

Yes, and we encourage it! Anyone can make videos of Main Street game play and monetize those videos on YouTube or other sharing sites. However, any videos that are made while the game is in Alpha Testing must have a disclaimer stating: "Main Street is currently in very early alpha. Keep in mind this version of the game is missing many features that the developers plan to add and many of the current features are subject to change."

What technology did you use to make Main Street?

Main Street uses the Vylocity game engine and is programmed in VyScript (a fork of Javascript). All game art was made through and Aseprite.

How old do you have to be to play Main Street?


You should be 13 or older to play this game without parental guidance. For play sessions with parental guidance, there is an option to hide the in-game chat so no communications with other real life players can't be seen.

Who is the publisher?

Main Street is self-published by River Forge Games on PC.

What languages does the game support?

Main Street supports English.

How can I contact you?


The best way to casually contact us for game information or technical support is @MainStreetDevs on our Official Discord ( For business inquiries please email us directly at!

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