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Original Games

These are games that I have worked on alone and with others!

To be notified when games are updated or added, join my discord server.

Wacky Run

Fight for your life and evade danger in this wacky one touch runner!

Just Another Space Shooter

Shoot ships and don't let them hit you! This was a 99 lines of code game in a day challenge I did to further my experience with the vylocity engine and show just how powerful it can be with a minimal amount of code/work.

Might of the Living Spaghetti

Swallowed up by his dreams, Leo is desperate to find the memories of his lost love so that they might reunite.


A glitchtastic metroidvania adventure made for the Wowie Jam 2.0. Theme: Intentional bugs

Color Conflict

Compete in teams for territory in this simple, fast paced game.

Astro Claw

An arcade space game about a damaged ship; how long will you survive?

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