Original Games

These are games that I have worked on alone and with others!

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Wacky Run

Fight for your life and evade danger in this wacky one touch runner!

Just Another Space Shooter

Shoot ships and don't let them hit you! This was a 99 lines of code game in a day challenge I did to further my experience with the vylocity engine and show just how powerful it can be with a minimal amount of code/work.

Might of the Living Spaghetti

Swallowed up by his dreams, Leo is desperate to find the memories of his lost love so that they might reunite.


A glitchtastic metroidvania adventure made for the Wowie Jam 2.0. Theme: Intentional bugs

Color Conflict

Compete in teams for territory in this simple, fast paced game.

Astro Claw

An arcade space game about a damaged ship; how long will you survive?